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 Statutory Information: More than one distributorship in a PAN is not allowed and wouldn't be approved.  Statutory Information: Thamesbay approves the distributorship profile after strict verification of KYC documents.  #Stay_Healthy; #prevention_is_the_key  Send your suggestions to info@thamesbay.com  In view of COVID-19 Advisory, Our Customer support team is working with limited staff; so there might be an unexpected delay in replying your queries

What is Thamesbay?

What Thamesbay is or what it does can mean different things to different people. To some, it is a coveted lifestyle choice, focusing on health, nutrition and diet. To someone else, it’s a one-stop-shop for fashion and personal care. To some others It’s a lifetime course on positive individuality, personal growth and self development. To us, Thamesbay is a family business - A business managed by millions of families across the world, bringing health, happiness and prosperity to countless others.

Why Thamesbay?

With a global footprint stretching over more than 10 countries, constructing and maintaining an ever growing consumer base at every turn and an exciting 20% sales partner margin on all products, Thamesbay emerges and exists as an opportunity - An opportunity to choose health, an opportunity to choose happiness, and an opportunity to choose financial freedom. We want you to find a healthy tomorrow at Thamesbay, physically, emotionally and financially.

Our Values

“We all are blessed in one way or the other, and we need to pass on the blessings.” - the words of our founder, urging us to give back to society, to nature and to fellow human beings has been the core guiding value at Thamesbay since its germination. At Thamesbay, we strive to open doors, lend a hand and help those in need to find their financial freedom and bring them closer to health, happiness and prosperity.

Our Mission

We make it as our mission to provide the right opportunities at the right time, paving the way towards individual and communal well being, development and growth. Working together, we have the potential to revolutionize the nutritional, fashion, homecare markets on a global scale. Thamesbay was founded in a beautiful corner of the world, and we see it as our mission to bring the values, the spirits and the quality that marks Thamesbay apart, to every corner of the world.

Our Team:


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Legal Director