PMR Terms And Conditions

GreenLife Promotional Reward Plan

An exclusive reward plan for distributors..

 What is it.?

GreenLife Promotional Plan is a Reward system with an Add-On pack, through which distributors can have an additional reward by selling T-Rich's Premium quality Wheat grass powder in the market.

This is a reward plan set exclusively for Thamesbay distributors in order to encourage them to work more, achieve more and inspire them to utilize their efforts and skills towards success in the market.

How it works.?

We have positioned the product, T-Rich Greenlife wheat grass powder, in 100 grams bottles to the market.

Company allocates from the profit arising out of selling this T-Rich Greenlife wheat grass powder, via this Promotional program to be disbursed among its distributors through a systematic way, based on their ranks. This disbursement would be in the form of Laptop, Bike, I phones, Car, Trips, and Gold Coins. Etc…

Terms & Conditions of GreenLife Promotional Reward Plan :

1.The rewards, benefits and details are subject to, but not limited to the following the term& Conditions.

2.Company possesses the sole right to change the Offer, Rewards and Benefits, or to cancel the offer any time.

3.Purchase of Add-On pack (greenlife wheatgrass powder) is not mandatory to continue distributorship with Thamesbay.

4.It is a promotional program of one of our flagship products ‘Greenlife Wheatgrass Powder.

5.One Add-On pack contains 4 bottles of 100 gms each Wheatgrass Powder.

6.Price for Add-On promotional /Offer pack is Rs.5000/-

7.The monthly Profit from the sale of Greenlife Wheatgrass powder would be shared among the distributors, through a systematic way on the basis of their ranks.

8.This is a reward plan as part of company’s promotional campaign to encourage and supports distributors.

9.Only Thamesbay Distributors can get the benefit of this reward plan.

10.Company is not assuring or committing that benefit by just purchasing the Add-On pack.

11.The benefit given for each stages are maximum ceiling limit.

     For Example, In first stage, ‘Laptop Incentive upto Rs.50,000’ means it is the maximum limit of benefit a distributor can get.

     It is purely based on his business and the percentage level of company’s profit from the sale of Promotional Wheatgrass Powder.

12.Understand all the terms & Conditions of the promotional plan, contacting your upline leader, or Company Customer Care number 1800123112266, before purchasing the pack.

Other Terms and conditions apply.