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BV 2

₹210 Ex Tax: ₹210

The all new natural dish wash is ideal for stainless steel Cookery, Cutlery ad Nonstick cookware with triple active powder of natural lime. Its anti-bacterial property removes 99.9% of germs and keep the dishes perfectly clean and secure.Usage :Tough Grease : Pour just one drop on scrub sponge ad apply on the utensil.Regular Cleaning : Dilute few drops in a bowl of water. Dip the scrub sponge in t..


BV 2

₹220 Ex Tax: ₹220

Floor wash is a multi surface triple action floor cleaner. It cleans, shines ad helps to protect against germs and everyday scratches. Gives you the beautiful floor that you deserve in one quick and convenient step. Works on Hardwood, Wood, Tile, Vinyl and most other surfaces. Fresh scent leaves your home smelling fresh, Sparkling clean, No rinsing fresh fragrance, 99.9% germ killing. No dulling r..


BV 3

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Soins Detergent Gel Improved cleaning power with dual stimulant performance ,that begin working at breaking down the toughest stains and dirt from your cloths.With its highly efficient bio wash formula,it cares your cloths by protecting colors and its natural softness leaving your cloths with the feel of silk on your skin.            ..

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